Contoh Essay ,,

Ini adalah contoh essay bahasa Inggris. Nah , ni ze buat tugas writing.

My Reasons For Learning English

English is an international language. English is the main communication mediain  worldwide. In the era of globalization, mastery of English is essential. As the common language used throughout the world, English plays an important role in the globalization era. Therefore, at this moment, we have to really learn and understood the English language so that is not antiquated. Now,  internet is available in English. Not only that, there are several reasons which I had to learn English. These reason arefor educational opportunities and for professional opportunities. That’s why I learn English.

The first reason to learn English that is the educational opportunities. Educational opportunities including going to study abroad, going to graduate university abroad, and get adequate learning facilities. If we are going to study abroad we must be able to communicate in English fluently. Therefore, from now  I always learning English when I follow the English course so thatcommunicate skills to be fluent. Opportunity to study abroad is not easy. Therefore, we mustn’t miss it for granted. Currently, some universities abroad offer scholarships to students who excellent.Studying abroad is not only needed a lot of money but of our ability. There, we will be competing with people in other countries that might default on us. Studying abroad will change our lives there. This means that we live in the country and our people must be familiar with the life and the atmosphere there as well as new friends. Meanwhile, when we learned there for sure we will have the opportunity to walk and play and will improve our knowledge and experience.Then, by studying abroad, we will automatically get graduate from a university there. A degree from foreign universities will have pride in ourselves. More opportunities may appear and the company will accept us easily because we got diplomas and degrees from foreign universities. In addition, the facility to study abroad is very adequate and will ease the process as we learn. Facilities would be very easy to help the learning process as well. There are some facilities are available. They are learning a soundproof room, extensive library, multimedia room and a comfortable campus room. So, during we get education opportunities such as studying abroad and get graduate from university there absolutely will improve our skill in speak English and we will get the experience and global insight.

The second reason is the professional opportunities. The professional opportunities means efforts to achieve a better future. We realize that one’s future will be  influenced by educational.Professional opportunities such as getting an entry-level job in a multinational company, advancing to a higher position in the company and get better job opportunities. First, getting an entry-level job multinational company. That is, many international companies that operate could provide opportunities to us. The opportunity to work in a prestigious and well-known companies on the condition we could communication English fluently. Second, advancing to a higher position in the company higher. It means,if we more and more understanding of the English language will affect our positions to a higher level for our work at the company because the company we will be very required. And the last, by being able to speak English will be easier for us to get better jobs. When we master the English language wouldn’t be difficult for us to get a job. For example, working at a bank or apply to foreign companies. Another example , start from the small things such as a tour guide. Because he master the English language so he will be easy to direct a tourist. So, with we are able to mastering speak English fluently will be opened opportunities to us especially professional opportunities so that make our life easier.

There are many benefits that we get when we learn English well. As explained above where we will have the opportunity of education and professional opportunities. Ability and language proficiency is an important factor in determining success or failure in our study. Without the advanced language skills, we won’t be able to absorb the lectures, reading textbooks and provide a response to the cases discussed in lecture or discussion, especially we have to compete with students from the country. For it is recommended that we improve language skills before starting college. Therefore, from now on we have to learn English well. This cause, the educational and professional opportunities that result from learning English.


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