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Love at First Sight (.) (.) (.)

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The main characters :



The support characters :



Other people


“Love at First Sight”

Starting from a trip to campus, Milly and I walked slowly. Despite the scorching but feels silir wind blew, we talked about the story of teenagers in our campus as well as matters related to the film. When I was busy talked with Milly. Suddenly, there was a tall guy with glasses passed in front me . Spontaneous I’m stunned, but he did not bother me at all. Even, until he passed. He looks a little handsome. Naturally,  I got fascinated him.

Milly      :”Hey, why are you ?” Milly patted my shoulder. Of course it surprised me.

Sora     :”Haaa? Oh. It’s okay “I replied with a face that may be abstract.

Milly      :”Did you see the person was through?” Ask her to me

Sora     :”Yeah I saw.”

Milly      :”Isn’t he Liam. Do you know him?”

Sora     :”No , not really. Why?”

Milly      :”Do you really not know him?”

Sora     : (nod)

Milly      : “Look at you. Listen well .”

Milly talk more about him. Actually , I also mengakui that he’s good looking.

At Class ….

Arriving in class, I stayed quiet. Again, my day dreaming disease relapse. Aahh, .. But I think this is not fantasy but a fantasy. In my mind, I was impressed with him and maybe I’ve fallen in love at first sight.

Milly      : “ Sora, why are you daydream?

Sora     :” No, I’m sleepy.”

Milly      :”Ahhhh , you were lie !!”

Sora     :”Stop milly , I wanna sleep.”

During the class, I just sleep. After class is over. Today I have to follow the Art club.

Milly   :”Soraaa, wake up. Class is over.”

Sora   :”Oh my god.” What time is it ?

Milly   :”It’s 03.00 pm o’clock.”

Sora   :”OMG …. I’m late.”

Milly   :” Sora , do you want go home?”

Sora   :”No, I have to follow the Art Club.“ Bye Milly .”

Milly   :” Bye.”

I run quickly.

At the Art Club

Sora             :” Sorry, I’m late.”

Chairman     :”No problem, come in. But, the other time don’t come late.”

Sora               :”It’s okay.”

Chairman     :”Everybody,now listen we have the new member who join in Art Club.”

The chairman call him.

Suddenly, my heart attacked quickly. He is the guy who I saw on the street and now he is right there in front of me . I was surprised and even embarrassed.

Liam                 :”Hi all. I’m a new member. I’m Liam.”

All                      :”Hiiiiii …..”

Liam                 :”Nice to meet you. And now , i’ll sing for you. Hehee”

All                      :”Okayy..”

Liam began sing………

When I was younger

I saw my daddy cry

And cursed at the wind

He broke his own heart

And I watched

Everyone in the Art Club applaused him. Turns out he is a new member in our club. I was so pleased with his presence.

At home …..

I’m still remembered when he was singing while playing guitar. His voice was beautiful as well as with his guitar playing.

“Oh my god, it will lucky, if I have a boyfriend who was kind, cool and has a remarkable talent. When can I have a boyfriend like him?. “I said to myself.

Time goes so fast, almost every day I meet him in the hall of the campus.

Maybe, because I used to meet with him. I fell in love for him. I want he know that I like him. I just can see from away.

Milly      :” Again , you’re dreaming.”

Sora     :”Oh no.”

Milly      :” if so, let’s go to the canteen.”

Sora     :”Sorry, I want go to the Art Club.”

Milly      :”I wanna go.”

Sora     :”Okaaaay.”

At Art Club

I saw the boy who I know. He slept while wearing earphone.

Sora     :” Mil, I must take something. And it will take a long.”

Milly      :”Okay. I’ll be waiting you.”

Sora     :”Noooo …. you must go out or you have to go to canteen.”

Milly      :” ohh , like you mengusirku.”

Sora     :” Noo , it will take a long.”

Milly      :” Yes, I’ll go. Have fun.”

Sora     :” Ok. Bye.”

As soon as I took a canvas to paint him. I’m very pleased I could paint him and I could see him from near. He was so handsome and cute.

He started to wake up and immediately I started to hurry and clean painting equipment.

Sora     :” Were you sleep ?.”

Liam     :”Oh , yes …….. What’re you doing here ?”

Sora     :”I’m painting.”

Liam     :”Oh , may i look your work?

Sora     :” Sure, you can.” ( while hide the paint herself)

Liam     :” How beautiful.”

Sora    :”Thank you.”

Liam     :”By the way. You also new member in Art Club.”

Sora     :” Oh no , I’m first than you.”

Liam     :”Oh . sorry. It’s means you’re senior.”

Sora     :”Oh no. Heheeee.”

Liam     :”I want introduced my self. My name is Liam.”

Sora     :”I know. Hihi “

Liam     :” Hah , So, you know me ?”

Sora     :” Yes, you introduced yourself in front of me and them.”

Liam     :”Ahhh .. I was forgot.”

Sora     :” haaaaa…”

Liam     :”By the way, what’s your name ?”

Sora     :”My name is Sora. You can call me Sora.”

Liam     :”What’s your major ?”

Sora     :” I’m level 2 art class.”

Liam     :”Really ? Same with me. But, i never saw you.”

Sora     :”But I know you.”

Liam     :”Why ?”

Sora     :”Because you’re popular in campus.”

Liam     :”Oh i’m not popular.” He smiled.

In middle conversation, Liam got the called.

Liam     :”Sora, sorry i still have a class. I’m go first.”

Sora     :” No problem.”

Liam     :”Nice to meet you, Sora. Goodbye.”

Sora     :”Nice to meet you too. Bye”

This was the first day I talk with him . Ohh my god, i’m very happy. After that, I also left art club.. When I left art club I found something. This was Liam’s earphone. I took it and go back home while bringing a paint

Tommorow days …….

Liam     :”Excuse me ..”

I know his voice and he came approach me.

Liam     :”Ummm… Did you find my earphone ? I mean a blue earphone yesterday ?” I hope you find it.” Ahhh … you must be busy . i’m sorry. Bye .”

I haven’t speak anything yet. He already left me. And then , I try to catched up him. But he spoke with others.

Milly & Harry :” What are you doing here ?”

Sora                 :”Aahhhh ….”

Harry                :” He with another girl?” ( pointed Liam )

Sora                 :” Is he in your class ?”

Harry                :” Yes , he is .”

Sora                 :” Do you know him ?”

Harry                 :” Yes, I know him. He is the most popular in class but more popular me , haha…”

Milly                  :”hahaa , if you hate him that only means that he more popular than yo are.” I’ve heard a lot about him in your class”. He’s popular, right ?”

Harry                :” Only to the girls.”

Milly                  :”yaa , He looks so handsome and cute and very popular to the girls. “

Harry                :” But , no friend.”

Sora                 :”It’s nothing. I came early today. Should we go to the class ?”

Milly & Harry :” Okay ..”

At Class …

Lecturer           :” Ok, next . This is the weaving woman of Berman. It contains the solemn and tranquil daily lives. …….

During the class, I think more about him.

At park on campus

Milly               :” Sora, I know more about Liam ?”

Sora               :” And then, why ?

Milly               :” Ahh , you don’t pretend. I know that you liked him.” Right ?”

Sora               :” No way.”

Milly               :” Liam is art- student with soft charisma. He is good looking. He is smart. But, he is little mysterious. And he always write the song. Also, he comes from a wealthy family” . And even he has a girlfriend.

Sora               :” Really ?”

Milly               :” Yes, he has a girlfriend.”

My heart began give up when Milly talked that Liam has a girlfriend. I’m still thinking about it.

When I wanted to go home, I caught the rain and I forgot take an umbrella. I’ll wait until rain stopped. When I’ waited, I met with Liam. Looks like Liam was waiting the rain stopped. There, we’re looking each other.

Sora     :” Excuse me. Just wait here for second.”

Liam was silent.

I went to the library and find an umbrella. I tried to borrow an umbrella to others.

Sora     :”Ummm.. should we go ?”

Liam     :”Ok. But let me hold an umbrella”

Sora     :” Yes, … Ummm ?”

Liam     :”Yes, why ?

Sora     :” I want ask to you.”

Liam     :”Of course, about what ?

Sora     :” Girlfriend………”

Liam     :”Aaaahhh .. I don’t have one. I don’t have any girlfriend”

Sora     :”Ahh ,, umm .. you’re wetness . Then , come in bit a closer.”

Liam was approaching. We walked along the rain. I am glad to hear that Liam has not had a girlfriend. I’m glad we became closer.

Liam     :” I forgot that i have to go somewhere.”

Sora     :” Oh, ok.”

Liam     :” Umm, What’re you doing in Sunday ?”

Sora     :” Umm..What ?

Liam     :”Umm.. Concert.”

Sora     :”concert ???”

Liam     :”Paramore concert, I want invite you .”

Sora     :”Oh yeah , I wanted to watch it so much.”

Liam     :”You want go to watch it ?”

Sora     :”Yes”

Liam     :”Ok then.” I picked that up in the Art Club. Bye.”

Sora     :”Byeeeee..”

I am very happy with joy. Yeahhh finally I’ll go with him ….

Time goes so fast. We admire each other. And in the end he say the word love to me. Without thinking I took it at the time .

At that time, I told my best friend Milly. And she also felt the joy that I feel. And that means I’m not alone again.

We were supporting each other, he was the one who every day, making me the spirit to go to college. He is also someone who always gave more attention to me. Reminds me when I forgot, gave me a spirit when I was getting tired through my days. And it was he also who is always there when I need him in a sad or happy.

But , after I really loved him. It was not until I knew him. The man who initially I know well, mature and talented. Now is not the figure of a man who I admire. Slowly, I knew him and know him more and more I felt sore in my heart. Lots of rumors about him with the girls . Even when I’m at the mall, I never find their way together. I think maybe this is a test of a relationship and I still maintain ties , Liam has always assured me that he was dear to me alone, nothing else. And the words that come out of the mouth Liam always makes me calm.

However, this pain doesn’t stop when I found Liam and in the art club. And I have seen that should not be seen. They are kissing. At that time, my heart was very sore and I felt cheated by the temptation Liam. At that time, Liam catch up me and hold my hand.

Liam     :”Sora, wait a minute. I can explain everything ”

Sora     :”Enough, I think its nothing to explain”

Liam     :”Sora, this is not like this, she’s only my friend” Liam said .

Sora     :”Friend?????? But why are you kiss her ?

Liam     :”Umm, it’s not ..

Sora     :”Do you think I’m stupid ?”

Liam     :”Sora , hear me. I just love you,really love you ”

“Look at my eyes Sora , I just love you”

Sora     :”Stop it, I hate those words. I think we should end this relationship “I said.

Liam     :”Soraaaaaaaaaa ” Liam shouted.

At that time, my relationship with Liam began to stretch and we didn’t meet each other. I only cried and couldn’t keep this crying. But now I’m used to this new life and a new leaf again. Now, people who are always there beside me is Milly and Harry who always supported me.

I wish I had admired him.

I’m sorry because I was so quick to draw conclusions about his personality , which makes me love him before I knew who he really is.

I love you before I knew you

Love at first sight which I want forgot it.